Christopher Palazzo has stolen, lied and cheated his way to become a commercial director in New York. Join him in his mission to direct the best ads the world has ever seen. Stand against him and bring curses upon your family.

He currently works at a place called "The Mill" with a bunch of merry Brits who sincerely and without a shred of irony employ both the words "bloody" and "brilliant" in their casual vocabulary. They also claim to be a big deal in the visual effects world, but he has trouble believing it given how often they visit the "pub" for a few "pints".

God save them and their Queen.

Trained in the Bauhaus curriculum, Christopher eschews a fixed method for approaching a project preferring to allow solutions to present themselves organically through the design process.

In 2008 Christopher wrote, designed and animated a film for the world renowned children’s program Yo Gabba Gabba.

In 2009, Christopher art directed a cross-platform campaign directed by Academy award-winning filmmaker Errol Morris. 

In 2011 he joined Brand New School as art director where he directed numerous campaigns, including EDP, during which he collaborated with legendary designer Stefan Sagmeister.

He's also had the extreme fortune of creating work for many other companies including: Bank of America, Hersheys, BMW and Microsoft. 

He regularly contributes to group art shows in New York as well as small art publications worldwide.

Currently, he is a full-time Director at Mill+.